Caroline Jayon

Caroline Jayon is a French artist born in 1989. Drawing, painting and art have always been part of her universe, the contours of which have been carefully constructed over the years, between warmth, elegance and love of colors.

A duality of influences inspired by an anchorage both in Paris and in Provence. One for its beauty, abundance and attention to detail. The other for its light, love of life and its ability to capture moments of joy.

After ten years working in the luxury sector and cultivating her taste for beauty Caroline plunged back into her passion to create a painting driven by this quest for aesthetics.

Her painting is said to be solar, elegant and understandable. But her paintings are about you first. Her paintings and their colors are personalized around your desires, your universe, to draw the outlines of this look at life which is unique to you.




All creations are made by Caroline Jayon, any reproduction is prohibited.

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