Tailored Painting

Hand painted in the workshop

Create your tailor-made interior with a canvas that looks like you.

Sometimes we have to look for a long time before finding the canvas that will give the artistic note and the final point to the decoration of our interior; and it happens that we never find, or that it is not in our budget, or then almost perfect except for one detail.

With a custom painting you are free to imagine what world you want to take yourself into when you get home.

Choose the theme, the style, the dominant colors, the format, and I let my creativity speak for a custom-made and original painting.

If you wish to be supported and advised for these choices, a telephone meeting will be scheduled for this purpose.

Once the project has been validated together, the deadline for rendering the work will be indicated to you before any payment and payment will be made at the start of the making of the canvas.

Once the artwork is completed, photos and videos will be sent to you and you will have the opportunity to make final changes. After these the canvas will be delivered to you (delivery costs indicated in addition) or you will have the possibility of coming to recover it (Paris intramural) according to your choice of departure.

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Tailored Painting